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Gift & Estate Taxes

Giving gifts during your lifetime can mean a lot while saving on taxes, just make sure to follow the rules we lay out here.

Who Needs Asset Protection?

We commonly hear from clients “im not wealthy enough to need all this”. Actually, you would be surprised. The cut off for probate is $200,000… how much is your home worth?


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Land Trust

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Medicaid Trusts

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Living Trusts

Learn why living trusts are superior to wills and how to avoid probate. All for $995 TOTAL.

Sometimes it works to your advantage to reduce the size of your estate in order for you to save your heirs money after you die. One way to do this is with tax-free gifts. You along with your spouse can make yearly tax free gifts of no more than $10,000 in cash or property. These gifts can be made to anyone that you choose.

To get a better understanding lets look at some numbers. Assume you have two children. You can give each child a gift of $10,000 for five years which equals a total of $100,000. If your estate is $700,000 this can be reduced to $600,000.

Also you can look at other strategies which involve your life insurance policy. Just by deciding not to be the owner of your life insurance policy this keeps the death benefit from being added to your estate after you die. Placing your policy in your name puts you in the unenviable position of having to pay estate taxes. The best way to avoid this is to assign ownership to another person. Simply have another individual buy a policy on your life or just set up a trust which allows you to own the policy.

Durable Powers of Attorney

Normal powers of attorney cease to work when you become incapacitated. Don’t let your finances fall into disarray.

Advanced Health Care Directive

Make your wishes known ahead of time. Make sure you receive the end of life care you want and deserve. Don’t let the burden fall onto family.

Estate Planning for Baby Boomers

Baby boomers are estimated to have a population of about 78.2 million and are expected to pay the largest amount of estate taxes on a cumulative basis. This mean that trillions of dollars will be paid out on the values of millions of estates, which will be the most ever seen in history.

An estate can include a number of assets such as cash, real property, personal property, IRA's, pensions, bank account balances, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and vehicles. The value of all of these items can start to add up quickly and necessitates proper administration.

Preserving assets is an important aspect to estate planning. Knowing that your heirs will be able to receive your hard-earned assets is a comforting thought. However, estate taxes and inheritance taxes can potentially eat away at the value and size of your estate. This is why it is vital that baby boomers integrate estate planning techniques that will protect what they have accumulated over their lifetime.

The life expectancy of baby boomers is set to be lengthy and therefore it is essential to take into consideration living expenses during estate planning. For instance, a trust that can pay out a monthly or yearly stipend that helps take care of health care and elderly care costs. The remainder of the trust funds can then be disbursed to heirs upon an individual's death, so that they can stay out of any potential probate proceedings.

Senior citizens should also make it a priority to have a Power of Attorney for property and health care to ensure that their assets and needs are taken care of during a disability according to their outlined wishes. There is a significant threat to an individual's estate when matters are left in the wrong hands. While federal taxes can rapidly deplete the value of an estate, so can an ill-advised executor.

Many of the measures that individuals take to protect their wealth include tax-free gifts during one's lifetime, property title transfers, trusts and life insurance policies. With the right tactics, you can save your estate from thousands of dollars in taxes. By using the assistance of a professional, you will be able to take care of yourself and your family not only during your lifetime, but also after your death.


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